It feels weird to write an about page about myself. But here goes. I currently live in Willow Grove Pennsylvania. It’s a nice little town or I should say boro I don’t know which it is.  I was born in Philadelphia and hospital I was born in is now a bunch of condos. Guess the hospital went belly up and sold out to the highest bidder.. Who knows.

Any way, I currently work for a company in willow grove doing their seo work and building websites for them. I don’t want to list them here as it might mess up the rankings for those sites. So if you want to know just ask me.

Currently I play Baritone Horn in a few bands in New Jersey.  And also G bugle for 2 drum corps in PA Reilly Raiders and Braken Cadets. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on the gigs that I will be playing at.

Ok well that’s enough about me for now.  If you have a question just shoot me an email.

Thanks for visiting my page. Enjoy